Interesting solution for mosquito control

Ten years old boy gives us interesting solution for mosquito control: "If every Chinese kill at least one mosquito population of mosquitoes in China will decrease dramatically !!!"

He make comic book about malaria in Africa, and at the end he get solution with Chinese. GREAT !



 Beginning of August Senior researchers Romeo Bellini, Dusan Patric and Cosmin Salasan visit - “Study aimed to the risk assessment of Chikungunia, Dengue and Zika outbreak in Montenegro 2017”.



Forthcoming: 15th - 17th May - 3rd Annual Meeting - BTF



 Forthcoming: 1st - 7th April - mobility Nebojsa Sekulic - IZSLER.

Forthcoming 3rd - 8th April - Senior researcher Marija Zgomba - BTF.



VIII EMCA Conference, "Mosquito Control in a Changing Environment"

Montenegro, Becici, Budva - 12-16 March 2017.

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Information concerning publishing any data or result of the Project:

Taking in consideration suggestions from World Bank Evaluators of the LOVCEN Project and opinion of HERIC Team/Ministry of Science of Montenegro, concerning copyright and authorship rights -

It is prohibited to publish (or on other way publicly display) any data or information that is generated as a result of work on LOVCEN Project, without written permission of Project leader

This applies to all partners, bough partners’ institutions and researchers, involved in any way in the Project.



Forthcoming: Beginning of August Senior researcher Romeo Bellini visit with last year experiment, “Study aimed to the risk assessment of Chikungunia, Dengue and Zika outbreak in Montenegro 2015”, extension.
Forthcoming: 18th - 22nd July - mobility Ilija Arsenijevic.
Forthcoming 11th - 15th July - Senior researcher Marija Zgomba visit, with last year MMF experiment extension.
Forthcoming: 22nd June - 2nd July - Fieldwork in cooperation with VectorNet “MNE North - Summer 2016.” + Cosmin Salasan visit.
10th - 13th May - 2nd Annual Meeting



Fortcoming: 15th - 19th February - Participation in Second VectorNet Annual General Meeting

Fortcoming: 22nd - 26th February - Training visit of researchers from FoA to BTF & IHMS

Fortcoming: 11th - 16th April - Training visits of researchers from FoA to BTF

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Fortcoming : 9th December - 11th December - Workshop - Research Skills

Activities on WP3b and WP2c - Stephen Quarrie at Biotechnical faculty (9th - 10th) and at Institute for Public Health (11th). Training visit/lectures/workshop.

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Fortcoming : 29th November - 4th December - Training visit of researcher from NIV to IPH

Activities on WP1c - mobility to Institute for Public Health. Training visit/lectures of Tamas Petrovic from NIV to IPH.

Fortcoming : 17th - 20th November - Training visit of researchers from IZSLER to IPH

Activities on WP1c - mobility to Institute for Public Health. Training visit/lectures of Michele Dottori from IZSLER to IPH.

Fortcoming : 01st - 06th November - Training visits of researchers from IPH to international partner institutions NIV

Activities on WP1a and WP2a - mobility to Scientific Institute in Novi Sad. Training visit for Sanja Medenica and Nebojsa Sekulic from IPH to Tamas Petrovic at NIV.


Lecture at MediPIET - Presentation of Project achievements

In the framework of the WP2k Dissemination and feedback on stakeholders opinions, and International cooperation, at Course of MEDITERRANEAN PROGRAMME FOR INTERVENTION EPIDEMIOLOGY TRAINNING - MediPIET, Introductory course in intervention epidemiology, 19th - 30th October, 2015 in Budva, Montenegro, will be organized promotion of HERIC-LOVCEN Project.

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Lecture at University of Montenegro - Eye to Eye with Mosquitoes

In the framework of the WP2k Dissemination and feedback on stakeholders opinions, on 25. September 2015. has been organized promotion of HERIC-LOVCEN Project at University of Montenegro.

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Laboratory open days at Natural History Museum

In the framework of the WP2i  "Laboratory open days", on 25. September 2015. has been organized the visit of the students from high school “Secondary Medical School” from Podgorica, to the exhibition “Montenegro in Mesozoic period” organized by Natural History Museum of Montenegro and NGO DIV, as a part of 5th Open Science Days, (21st - 25th September, 2015. Podgorica).


Fortcoming - 27th September-11th October - training on mosquitoes determination to LOVCEN project researchers

 Activities on WP1a and WP2a - mobility toFaculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. Training visit for Ljiljana and Igor Pajovic from BTF to Dusan Petric at FoA.


Fortcoming - 30th August-4th September - five-day meeting with training on climate change (CC) assessment skills to LOVCEN project researchers

 Activities on WP1f and WP2a - mobility to Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. Training visit for Slavica Micev and Angel Marcev from IHMS to Branislava Lalic in FoA.

Training visit IHMS-FoA


New researchers in LOVCEN Project Team

 Four new researcher joint LOVCEN Project team Prof Aleksandra Ignjatovic Cupina; Bogoljub Kandic; Dijana Stijepovic and Mina Petric.



(WP1e) - SIT and other non-chemical control methods; (WP2c) Hosting foreign institutions representatives (from institutions mentioned in WP2a) for in situ training - Practical training in implementation of mosquito surveillance and non-chemical control measures in Montenegro.

From 03-09 August in Lastva Grbaljska, Tivat South and Radovici - Lustica.

Click here to view Protocol data collection albo risk assessment.


Visit of VectorNet researchers to Montenegro 2015.

The team of researchers from VectorNet Project visited Montenegro from 8th to 11th July. The main topic was collection of Phlebotominae, as well as Culicidae.


Fortcoming - Marija Zgomba, WP1e

 Other non-chemical control methods - fieldwork / experiment with non-pesticides 26th - 31st June 2015. at University of Montenegro, Biotechnical faculty.


Networking activities with Life Conops Project

 "LIFE CONOPS" project (LIFE12 ENV/GR/000466) is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the programme LIFE + Environment Policy and Governance. The project is implemented in the EU Member States, Greece and Italy, including various regions in both countries... [more details]


Fortcoming - Ilija Arsenic, WP1b

 Meeting with Ilija Arsenic, Faculty of Agriculture Novi Sad, will be from 22nd to 26th June at University of Montenegro, Biotechnical faculty.


Fortcoming - 1. Annual Meeting LOVCEN Project; University of Montenegro, Biotechnical faculty - Podgorica, 13th-15th May 2015.

From 13th to 15th May 1st AM of LOVCEN Project will be held at University of Montenegro, Biotechnical faculty.

Romeo Bellini, WP1 leader; Dušan Petrić, WP2 leader; Ljiljana Pajovic, WP3 leader; Igor Pajovic, WP4 leader;  Michele Dottori; Paolo BonilauriCosmin SalasanTamaš PetrovićSteve Quarrie; representative of UCG, Dean and Vice Deans of Biotechnical faculty; representative of Ministry of Health; representative of Luštica Development and HEMKO; NGO sector and key researchers from Institute for Public Health of Montenegro, Institute for Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro and Natural History Museum of Montenegro...