Internal dissemination meetings



Third research year


30.11.    World Bank visit

25.11.    Meeting with Sanja Medenica for eCOST application

21.11.    TSU: procurement of promotional material

15.11.    Meeting at CANU

02.11.    Meeting with Montenegro Adventures

27.10.    Meeting with Montenegro Adventures

21.10.    IPH meeting dedicated to procurement of goods

18.10.    Meeting with Montenegro Adventures

09.09.    Meeting with BioICT representatives

18.08.    Meeting with Peter Luthy - EMCA representative

03.08.    Meeting with HEMKO

15.06.    Meeting with BioICT representatives


14.06.    World Bank visit


Second research year


31.05.    Ministry of Science meeting dedicated to RRI, presentation of LOVCEN Project

20.05.    NHM current issues

18.05.    HERIC presentation of LOVCEN achievements

10.05.    2nd Annual Meeting

22.03.    BTF presentation of the LOVCEN Project to visitors/researchers fromIAEA

09.03.    IPH meeting dedicated to procurement of goods

07.03.    HERIC meeting dedicated to procurement of good for IPH

22.02.    HMZS conclusion meeting with partners


01.12.    IPH: procurement of goods


25.11.    NHM: current issues

12.11.    IPH: trainings, reports and procurement of the materials issues

16.10.    IPH: current issues

12.10.    NHM: meeting dedicated to Laboratory open day

23.09.    TSU: procurement 1.1.3 microscopes and magnifiers  

23.07.    IHMS: meeting – training in September

21.07.    IPH: meeting dedicated to procurement of the materials



First research year


27.05.    BTF: meeting with HERIC and World Bank representatives

18.05.    IPH: meeting - current issues

12.05.    BTF: 1st AM LOVCEN

02.04.    TSU: PCR and Elisa

30.03.    BTF: meeting of LMT - current issues

25.03.    UCG: presentation of LOVCEN to UCG academic community

02.03.    IHMS: meeting with Director of IHMS dedicated to problems for training payments

27.02.    TSU: mosquito traps

18.02.    TSU: field magnifiers and -80oC refrigerator

09.02.    IHMS meeting dedicated to trainings and hosting of researcher from FoA

04.02.    Meeting of Steering Committee of HERIC and presentation of LOVCEN achievements

27.01.    IPH meeting dedicated to procurement of new equipment and scientific reports


11.12.    HERIC: meeting with evaluators on 1st half year meeting

02.12.    BTF: meeting with HERIC representatives - EMP plan

19.11.    TSU: IT consultant

06.11.    NHM and IPH Socio research plan and results

22.10.    NHM plan and results for Socio research

17.10.    NHM plan for Socio research

16.10.    HERIC, TSU, BTF: meeting dedicated to procedure of procurement of equipment

10.10.    IPH meeting topics: question of dry ice, Zoran Vratnica travel tickets and report, procurement of new equipment for partner institution, WP2f, preparing document for Multi country workshop

05.09.    NHM problems with training at USAMVBT

28.08.    IPH problems with last two trainings

12.08.    BTF problem with accountant

31.07.    IPH: meeting topics - contact with Remi Charelle, connection with MediLabSecure, constant problems with dry ice supply, problems with accountant, WP2f

16.06.    HERIC: Meeting with HERIC and evaluators – Support to Projects Leaders

13.06.    Meeting with representative of municipality Podgorica – Actual system of mosquitoes control in Podgorica

02.06.    BTF: Kick off meeting